Transform EDI into your Data Format Automatically

Do you need to translate your partners EDI transactions into your own data format; and do you need to convert your data format into your partners EDI specifications; and do you need this to happen automatically without any human intervention?  If the answer is, yes, then we have a solution for you; it is a Cloud Based EDI solution.

Is owning your own EDI Software too expensive? Or do your consultants, whose contracts eventually end, go away and then no-one knows how to use your translator and transaction processing system? Or are you just tired of hearing about all the changes that your trading partners want you to make to the transaction sets. Well, the answer is to outsource your document processing and let someone else worry about all those changes.

If you have decided to outsource your EDI processing, then the question becomes... What am I looking for in an Outsource Provider?  This is where the basics of outsource investigation come in to play.  Your questions might be...

1. Is there a person I can reach, at the outsource company, who can answer my daily questions?
2. Does the outsource provider add new trading partners and keep up with existing trading partner requirements?
3. Do they do FA reconciliation?
4. Is there a Website that I can use to view my automated transactions?

Jobisez LLC is in an Alliance Agreement with an Outsource provider that does all of the above and more.

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