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An EDI VAN is a Value Added Network which allows you to securely exchange data from one organization to another.  Many communication protocols are used to send and receive data from these VANs.  The data can be pulled or pushed to your company in a real-time fashion or on a schedule.  Many companies use an EDI VAN to exchange EDI Transactions which helps automate the buy and sell process of your business. 

Jobisez LLC is in an Alliance Agreement with the EDI VANs to bring you the best price, per kilo-character (KC), to exchange data with your EDI Trading Partners. Jobisez is not a VAN, but due to the Alliance Agreement, special pricing and value-adds are available for your company using our facility.  Fill out the below few fields and we will send you a quote for one or more of the EDI VANs (a real VAN, like OpenText/GXS).

We are so confident that we can bring you the lowest EDI VAN price, that we will not even ask you what you pay today per KC or what your current VAN bill is per month. But we will need to know how many KCs you trade a month due to the tiered pricing* that is offered. Fill out these fields and we will bring you the best deal known to us.

If you are interested in knowing what you could be paying for your EDI VAN bill, please fill out the below fields and you will receive a quote within one business day.

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Continue reading to learn more about your potential cost saving opportunities.

The necessity of transferring business documents from one company to another, in electronic format, has been a normal way of doing business for many years. However, surprisingly enough, many people do not know what "EDI" is, but it turns out, that almost all companies use it. Because transferring electronic data has become a normal way of conducting business, it has pretty much become a commodity in many respects.

Because it is a commodity, so to speak, the EDI VAN costs have come down in pricing over the decades. What used to cost 30 cents a KC, ten to fifteen years ago, is now only a nickel or less. If you have decided you are paying too much for your VAN bill, you may want to look into Jobisez's VAN alternative.

If you are interested in that price and would like a Formal Proposal, or if require more information, please fill out the above form.

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