EDI Solutions

The below solutions are used by large, medium and small companies.  The solutions range from mobile technology all the way to full blown Cloud automation.  Click on any of the below solutions to get more detail about each technology.  If you are interested in any of these solutions, you can fill out the forms to get in contact with someone and find out more about that technology.  Or you can simply request more information and receive details about that solution via email.


EDI Connectivity using a VAN: This solution is used by companies that need to lower their EDI VAN cost; or to enable an EDI connection with their trading partners.  The pricing structure uses wholesale pricing. There are no monthly commitments or long term contracts. You pay only for your actual volume; which uses a 'tiered' pricing model.  This pricing adjusts automatically by month to give you the best price for your actual EDI traffic.

Cloud-based Transformation of EDI into your Data Format: Integrate your ERP System with your EDI backbone without buying and maintaining expensive translation software.  This is done by using 'cloud based computing'.  All the processing happens in the 'cloud'.  When your system is ready to import data, it can simply tie into the cloud and receive your latest transactions.  You can also push data to the cloud when your systems are ready to export transactions to your trading partners. 

EDI to Mobile Device: Exchanging EDI using web based technology is becoming more and more popular every year. If your customer wants you to exchange data, a mobile or browser solution may fit your needs.  No need to sit at a desktop to see which purchase orders were sent to you.  All EDI handling can be done by a mobile device.

Online EDI Translation into a CSV spreadsheet: Translate any EDI transaction to a CSV file using the Online Translation Tool.  Also, helpful to parse your EDI data especially if your translator cannot handle that specific transaction set.  This tool is a 'must' if you do not have an EDI translator.  After your file is translated, it can also be viewed in the Online Document Viewer.

EDI 852 POS: Import your EDI 852 data to identify sales trends, stock outs, missed selling opportunities and historical performance.

Fax to EDI: Do you have filing cabinets filled with old purchase orders and invoices? Try using a paperless solution by becoming 100% paperless by integrating your system with your EDI backbone.

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