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Alejandro Garcia

Dynamic and solutions-oriented senior consultant with extensive experience providing top level support and expertise in ASP, EDI and CRP Outsourcing Services. Strong project management skills, with a proven ability to direct troubleshooting procedures in a quick and efficient manner with a 100% success rate. Able to function at a high level working independently or as a productive member of a team. Accustomed to fast-paced, deadline driven environments.
Shruthi Bhatt

I have experience of handling projects starting from procuring the tools and technology ,installing the software to mapping the several transactions,unit testing and partner testing,developing unix scripts required setting up of communication profiles on Cyclone,FTP VAN etc.
Kumar Reddy

EDI consultant with 8 years of experience and Good with Sterling Integrator.
Douglas Benedict

Versatile, results-oriented IT Professional with demonstrated success in application architecture, software development, and electronic commerce. Possess a record of accomplishments in increasing productivity and solving operational problems with automated solutions.  Highly organized, goal oriented with strong analytical skills and an awareness of the need/ability to effectively communicate detailed technical information at all organization levels.
Paul Boos

Versatile, results-oriented, analyst/programmer with demonstrated success in application architecture, software development, and electronic data interchange (EDI) project management. Technical expertise in publishing ANSI transactions and Tradacoms standards, using Gentran mapper aligning information systems with business goals
Jeff Larsen

Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Sterling Commerce, SPS Commerce, CommerceOne and Symantec have sold my software and services. Leading Financial (GMAC, TIAA-Cref, Melon Bank), Technology (AT&T, McAfee, Fuji, GE) and Manufacturing (Ford, Federal Mogul, Hallmark, Nautilus) run my secure mission critical implementations. I have developed Best Practices and Governance for Accentur, EDS, ACS and the State of New Jersey.
Ricardo Johnson

EDI Senior Executve with more than 15 years experience in sales, management, mapping, consulting, and integration.
Skip Stein

I specialize in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), B2B Transactions, ETL systems, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Electronic Business Flow Management (EBFM) systems that involve many different aspects of computer technology, including Project Management, Change Management, Conversion/Migration, ERP implementation and Strategic Planning.
Craig Dunham

EDI Coordinator/Manager and IT Support; over 25 years of IT experience with recent work in EDI management & consulting.  Published author/blogger regarding EDI concepts.  Mapping Implementation, Trading Partner Management, Business Analyst & Liaison to other business groups.  Experienced with Inovis TrustedLink; retail and transportation knowledge. Technically able & personable. Available for remote or possible on-site/travel opportunities.

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