Build Your Own EDI Portal

Hello EDI Coordinator's,

Do you get too many phone calls asking for your EDI Implementation Guides?  Or are you looking to create an EDI Portal for your trading partners to use which will answer general questions without you getting a phone call?

Well, look no further.  Jobisez LLC can build a webpage for your company (for free).  When your webpage is built, others can find it via the search-engines.  The information on your page will address those general questions and will hopefully reduce your number of phone calls.

Now, firsts things first, click the above 'Sign On' button to create your own Jobsiez User-Code.  You will get an email asking you to change your password, then come back to this page and create your own EDI Company webpage.

Creating the webpage can be accomplished in a couple of easy setps.  First, gather your...
1. Implementation Guides (in PDF format),
2. Company Logo (in PNG or JPG format),
3. Ship-To Locations (in PDF format),
4. Label Placement Information (in PDF format), and
5. Other Documents.

Add these documents into a ZIP file.  Then simply fill out the three below boxes, browse for that ZIP file, and click 'Submit'.

Jobisez will review your information and then create a webpage for you.  Upon successful reviewal, you will then receive an email with your webpage URL.

Jobisez LLC.


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