This facility will create a translated data file from your EDI interchange. "Browse" for an EDI file on your computer, and click "Create CSV". (Must Sign In or Create User.) Then wait a couple of moments and your EDI file will be translated into an Online Report and CSV Files. The CSV files will be emailed to you. Please verify that all data generated is correct. Contact Us if you would like to see any upgrades to this program.

To Sign In as a **Guest Account**, use the credentials of, usercode is 'guest' and password is 'guest' (do not include the single quotes.) Read below for more information about the **Guest Account**.

Restrictions: The uploaded file must contain complete EDI Interchanges (the EDI file can contain one or more interchanges.) Works with EDI transactions sets. The uploaded file cannot be more than 500 KCs. FYI: The larger the file, the longer it takes to process, but shouldn't take more than a minute or two. FYI: There is one known bug, EDI files containing both EDIFACT and ANSI, will not process both standards. You can seperate them if you need to process both.

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By processing data as a **Guest Account**, then all those who sign on as 'guest' will be able to see the data that you processed. It is suggested that you create your own account, but if you choose not to, then it is suggested that you change the sensitive data in your file before processing it as 'guest'.

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