The Knowledge Base has all the Information you need to learn the basics of Electronic Data Interchange.

Do you need Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Training? The site provides the basics in EDI know-how for free.  The training overviews cover such material as Background of EDI, Communication Protocols, Software, Trading Partners, EDI Transaction Sets, the EDI World, Solutions, Governing Agencies, Helpful Links, Future of EDI and the all important FAQs.

Get up close and personal with the latest Blog publishings from the EDI Hubs, EDI VANs and Seasoned Experts in their specific EDI fields. There are many important blogs listed from industry leaders. Also search their sites for helpful information.  If you think there should be another blog added to the list, please click the contact-us link at the bottom of the page.  The reference materials added here are meant to help the newcomer become acquainted withe EDI, so please read all before continuing to the EDI, Solutions, and Services pages (see top of page for link).

Keep up with the latest News and Updates. The EDI world is constantly changing and moving and you do not want to fall far behind.  Jobisez LLC utilizes crawlers to comb the internet for the latest in EDI News and posts them here. All you need to do is Follow the Twitter site to keep up-to-date on EDI.  The entries are from the Jobisez account.

After you become familiar with the above, you can continue with researching each individual EDI Trading partner, by visting the EDI pages.

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